About Julie

Julie is an inspiring, entertaining and down-to-earth speaker and presenter. Julie has written books, shared her message in small groups, large assemblies and for multi-day retreats. For over 25 years Julie has developed her professional career from working with children from infancy to teens; and now has expanded her skills to train, lead and inspire the adults who love children and those who teach children.

Julie is the author and creator of Enlightened Discipline. This approach teaches techniques and practices of the “Safe, Kind & Clean” philosophy. Any of Julie’s events will teach you a process that you can use and one that will infinitely change the way you parent or teach! But the most common comment is how simple it is; and that’s why “kids get it”, as Julie says.   

Enlightened Discipline teaches your child the foundational elements of behavior in a way that they understand so fundamentally, that as they grow what they have been taught by you is now second nature. There’s no need to employ new methods every few years, your child will know within themselves the way to respond to life’s conflicts and have the confidence, character and practice to respond for the best possible solution to all parties. 

Julie Jenkins Sathe is a leader in the Early Childhood Education Conference circuit, providing private trainings for staff development of early educators. She provides public workshops for parenting in Enlightened Discipline and has added Enlightened Discipline Coaching for parents to her menu of services. 

Julie is married and lives with her husband David in the foothills of Northern California. She is a parent and step parent, the executive Director of Caring Connection Children’s Center in Sacramento. Julie is also the author of a book for teens and annually is the leader of YouthSpirit Teen Retreat.