Enlightened Discipline Testimonials

“I believe that Enlightened Discipline was a very positive workshop. I honestly could have listened to Julie for two more hours. She was very interesting and realistic.”
Kinyata Pack, Preschool Teacher

This workshop made me think if the tone of voice I use in my classroom setting. I feel I Dog Talk at time and will definitely work on that.”
Tiffany Lopez, Preschool Teacher

“As a Director, I use Enlightened Discipline to train all new staff. It has made a remarkable difference in our center”
Joyce Bree, Director, Rainbow Daycare, Inc.

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It refreshed some behaviors we did an we can do a better choices for the kids best interest. Some great ideas and concepts. I will implement at work with children. I like describing what happened (instead of reacting) and do more to make kids feel like a hero, building their self confidence (rather than diminishing it).”
Aijuan Chen, Preschool Teacher

“A refreshing attitude to apply in this 21st Century! Good review and different, more positive approaches to help young children with social interactions.”
Marta Suarez, Executive Director, Only Love Children’s Center

"AWESOME and INSPIRING! Those were the words that were on the evals that came back yesterday. Great work, Juile. You deserve a standing ovation for helping us to "enlighten" our program. The lives of the children and families in the Twin Rivers Unified School District are impacted because of this change."
Carrie Crutcher Nelson
Program Specialist for Early Childhood Education and Child Development at Twin Rivers Unified School District




“Thank you for enlightening my morning. I will try to advocate for safe, kind & clean at our center.”
Carolyn Ali, Center Director

“I left from this class with my brain overflowing. Great ideas... I’m ready to make changes.” 
Linda Roberts, Teacher

"I enjoyed your book so much. It is so aligned to the program at the college…This should be added to the curriculum.” 
Davida, Teacher

“It’s just fun to learn this way. Julie is hilarious!”
Amy, Preschool Teacher

“This workshop has really forced me to change my way of thinking when dealing with children as well as adults. The idea of guiding children toward success through descriptive teaching rather than telling them to “apologize’ will be something I will bring back to our center. I really enjoyed learning this new idea.”
Ann Wusstig, Program Director, Only Love Children’s Center

“I am not happy! I came today looking for a better way to make my 2-yr-old know I’m right all the time and just do what I say. I learned only that I’m competing with her but also how not to do it anymore.”
Katie Minton, Mom

"I am convinced that children who learn to monitor their behavior intrinsically will become adults who react compassionately.Enlightened Discipline is not a distraction from my curriculum; Enlightened Discipline is the most important part of my curriculum.”
Pamela Van Parys, Teacher/Site Supervisor
Twin Rivers USD