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Are you experiencing any of these challenges?

1.  Being stressed out with your child. 
2.  Strained relationship with your parenting partner. 
3.  Can’t seem to get your child to do simple things without them becoming big issues. 
4.  Discovering you are angry and restless while with your child. 
5.  Preparing for preschool (or just going to the store) is like World War III. 
6.  Home is not your sanctuary. 
7.  Staying motivated to come up with ideas for you and your child is not any fun. 
8.  Feeling overwhelmed….and bedtime is no picnic, either. 
9.  Wondering if you are being too strict or too passive as a parent.

Then Enlightened Discipline is for you...

Learn simple ways to organize your speech so that you are teaching in every moment. 
Develop a day to day pattern that your child can count on. 
Learn new positive habits that teach your child the “why” of everything you say. 
Learn how to change your own speech patterns and teach your child a new way of responding. 
Learn how to classify all behavior into three simple categories. 
Learn alternatives to Time Out and corporal punishment. 
Develop a new system at home that makes you love being there. 
Learn how to stay motivated and fresh with your precious one. 
Learn how to have fun with your children. 
Regain your confidence as a parent. Open the lines to communication with your partner in this magical time of life. 

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